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ORICO GXZ-F833-GR Mini Folding Rechargeable USB Fan

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Brand Orico
Key Features:
  • Model: GXZ-F833-GR
  • Battery: 2000mAh
  • Brand: Orico
  • Speed: 3 Speed
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Type Spec
Brand Orico
Model GXZ-F833-GR
Speed 3 Speed
Rotation 260 Degree
Interface USB
Battery 2000mAh
Material ABS + PP + Fan Circuit Board

Product Full Description


ORICO GXZ-F833-GR Mini Folding Rechargeable USB Fan

The ORICO GXZ-F833-GR Mini Rechargeable USB Fan has three-speed settings. Choose speed 1 if you want moderate wind. Choose speed 2 if you want to experience a mild breeze while still being cool. Speed 3 is the highest strong wind speed.

Foldable and Easy to Carry

The ORICO GXZ-F833-GR fan can be folded. Place it at the proper angle (rotatable up to 260 degrees) on a sturdy surface. Would you rather bring him along? Then you may hold it in your hand as well. A chord may also be added to the USB fan, allowing you to hang it around your neck when out and about.

2000mAh battery

The ORICO GXZ-F833-GY Mini Rechargeable USB Fan has a 2000mAh battery. This allows you to charge the tiny fan while simultaneously using it when it's not connected to a USB connection. The fan is completely charged in a few hours (2/3 hours). The fan can run for up to 6 hours on speed 1, and up to 3 hours on speed 2. If you utilize the highest level, take in mind that the fan might run for up to 2 hours. With the provided USB cord, charging the fan is simple.

Stylish and Compact

The ORICO GXZ-F833-GR Mini Rechargeable USB Fan is both fashionable and portable. With a weight of only 128 grams, the fan is portable. Do you keep the fan on your desk or table? The non-slip substance on the bottom ensures that it stays in place. Do you wish to clean the fan because dust has accumulated over time? The front of the USB fan may then be simply removed. The ORICO GXZ-F833-GR Mini Rechargeable USB Fan has no warranty.

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